Friday, October 26, 2007

The College Life

So it's been about 4 or so months since my last blog. Nothing but venting,lol. Seems like thats all that i use this for,lol. So the last was about graduation. A quick catch up of what happend during the summer...Acted silly, waisted time away...because summer went by wayyyy too fast! Because next thing i know people are leaving for college and then im leaving for college. That turned out to be pretty good. When my parents left i thought i was going to be miserable and was waiting for the home sickness to come in, but suprisingly when they left i just sat in my room and was on the computer and once everyone moved in, we did some getting to know you type thing. School is going good. Once we got more into the school year it got a little more stressful because knowing me im a big procastinator and it got a little more stressful. But since my recent freak out of putting off 2 PROJECTS i've learned my lesson and now my goal is to not procrastinate anymore! So of course people want to know the question that gets asked the most, is if i get along with my roomates. I mean for the most part yes...but of course they get on my nerves every now and then and some more than others. What else are you supposed to expect, when you throw 6 GIRLS in a apartment style dorm who dont even know each other. I thought it was going to be really hard for me because I am a only child (for the most part), but really I think im takeing this a lot better than anyone thought,lol. But know this...there is no way in hell am i living on campus next year, and as far as i know right now that i will not be living with these girls next year (but who knows, time will tell). Im counting down the days to Thanksgiving and Winter break. Why???

1. Because im DYING for some thanksgiving food!
2. It gives me a long weekend to visit more people.
3. I can get away from some of these people here and sleep in a FULL SIZE bed!
4. I get a chance to mourn for my dog who got put to sleep Monday 10-21-2007. Because i know i cant do it hear because it just feels like he's still there and im just away at College. (Oh yea, something else that happpend, dad put Midnight to sleep Monday for obvious reasons; he was struggling really hard. But i know it's going to be hard for me because that was my first dog and pet, so ya.)
5. Winter Break for me is about 1 month and a half. SO NICE!
6. I get to see my new God-Child/Neice. (Yes, Angela is having a baby, probably didn't put that in here i dont think? Im pretty excited. I already have a god-son. But now i'll have a god-son AND a god-daughter. They just might keep my want for kids down untill i get out of college,lol!)

One last thing i want to add in here...Say some prayers for my sister Carmen. Her lungs have a infection and she is in a slight coma. Her husband is doing a excellent job of keeping everyone posted and being a wonderful husband and father. I try and look at things in a positive way because she got this infection before the wild-fires that are happening in San Diego, and think that God is putting her threw this challenge instead of what could of happend if she was put threw with all that dust and smoke (which my guess would of been worse). Whatever the matter is, i've always believed God puts pepole through situations such as these because he knows that we can fight threw them. So, even though i know she is going to make it because if she is anything like me we are fighters and want to live life to the fullest, so she's not going anywhere. But keep your prayers in mind for my sister and her family, i fully appreciate it.


Monday, June 04, 2007


Okay so basically, i NEVER use this,lol. Only when i remember or somethin happens in my life. Sorry to say that my life isn't interesting,lol. Just kidding. So since last time nothing too exciting. Ever since then school was really stressful. As i said once one gets their acceptance letter from college, they feel as if they dont need to do anything else, high school is over. WRONG! one tends to forget that they have to send that final transcript in and if you slacked that BAD then they can DENY you. So i was basically stressed the rest of the school year to bring my grades up. I've never had 2 D's in my whole high school career. So i tried my hardest to bring those up and not so sure i got to my goal of C's but could be a possibility. Prom came around...wasn't the best i have to say. I, myself was nominated as Prom Queen but didn't win, no biggy. I had fun most of the night, BUT untill when i was about to leave, i couldn't find my camera!! Yes, my DIGITAL camera. I knew exactly where i placed it but it was no longer there. Some asshole stole it, so that pretty much ruined my night. Sadly, for me i have NO, NONE, NADA as far as prom pictures. :( Soon after prom was GRADUATION!...although i didn't get a new digital camera, so i could have pics on it BUT dad did take pics with film, so i suppose i should share that with yall. So ofcourse after graduation you have a graduation party. Well let me just say that this is the most stressful thing yet. Simply because my father isn't much of a help. He thinks that all of the party stuff is up to me, and i should have to do everything. EXCUSE ME! I did a lot! Sent out Graduation announcements, if it wern't for this stupid computer it would have been for me to make the DVD invitations for the party, wrote out and addressed the regular invitations (as well as addressing the DVD ones), put nice lil covers over the DVD invitations. I think i've contributed enough. He says that he's had to buy a lot. HELL! give me a credit card and i'll be happy to go out and make a few purchases. What makes it worse is that i had to do all of this during the school year, with none of their help...i think all of that on top of school work is a lot! He thinks im supposed to be callin people askin them to bring stuff, askin them if they comin....okay! i've done some of that , but shit i can't do everything!! This is MY party...for ME...I Graduated. He thinks just because he's gonna be doin a lot of the cookin he's doin everything. Well, i gotta be make close to 6 batches of cookies. I'm gonna have to do the decorations...(which he said he'll end up doin just because he'll think i'll do it wrong)...get over it! You would think that he could throw this ONE party out of only maybe 2 major birthday parties i had in the past 19 years of my life?? But so now, no1 is really talking to anyone in this household because of my fathers reaction on a wedding we went to this past Saturday. He blew usual...over somethin really REALLY stupid and of course i guess i got "smart" when i just asked a question. He must of gotten into it with my mother the next morning, while I'm sleeping...and the next thing i know i try talking to her askin whats wrong and she wont answer me, DAMN! Once again they are BOTH actin really immature. She acts immature because when he does somethin wrong she takes it out on me...not fare on my part....He acts immature because either he's talkin bout me to her sayin she's a bad mother because i do this and that..basically im a HORRIBLE kid, but i'll NEVER hear it from him, HELLA FAKE! ORRRR immature in a way because he's not grown enough to apologize for his unnecessary blow ups. I'm just really fed up with it...seriously!! Idk i just really needed to vent that now I'm bout to take a shower and get outta this retarded ass house and go to the damn doctor and deposit some money, cause God knows i need 2.

Friday, March 02, 2007


So really i havn't written anything at ALL for 2007. Shame i really DO suck at this. Nothing much has happend ever sense the last time i wrote in a entry. I think at the begining of Feb. i got accepted into Columbia College of Chicago, which was a relief! I was stressin about ever since i turned my application in. I had went to a college visit they had set up here in St. Louis and said "Yea, pretty much most of our students that apply get accepted" i was feelin good like im gettin in then they said, "We really focus the acceptance on the essay they send in" that really just shot me down cause i didnt spend so much time on it and not a lot of effort. So, to get that acceptance letter begining with that relieving word "Congratulations" i didn't kno what to do with myself. But ever since then, it has made it harder for me to be concentrated on school!! You think HEY im already into college but they want that final transcript after graduation. O ya that dosnt' help either cause Graduation isnt too far...May 20th, ya. We've already started to plan my Graduation party as well. Im excited because i convenced my mother to have DVD invitations!! O YA! Doing big things! She was worried about the cost of mailing but we really only need to mail the ones that NEED to be mailed. Like Uncle Tyronne and his family, Uncle Floyd in his family and like My Sister and more...Now the theme (even tho i didn't kno u had to have one) i dont kno cause i wanted it to be Toga but mom said no..i mean dad was all for it. Other news...I DYED MY HAIR! Not much of a change just more red of course. I wasnt trying to cause on the box it was lighter brown than what my hair color was...but it turned out just to be more red. Other than that i can't think of any other major news than that. OH! one more thing...My Doctor is an Asshole! So yes, i kno that i need to loose weight and i need to get going on this cause Chicago is going to kick my ass with all that walking im gonna be doing..BUT! That dosnt give my Doctor the right to tell me im not going to be successful with my Career because im fat. Okay first of all im in the room because im sick and i thought i had strep...where did talkin bout my weight come in at? Second, i dont wanna be a model i want to be a Fashion worries bout puttin the clothes out there not the way you look. Thirdly, you are not thin and you are my doctor your best interest for me is to be healthy dont worry about if im goin to be successful or not! Okay so i had to vent a lil....but nothing major that you have missed out on. I'll try more often to write.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Long time, No talky

So as you can see im really not good at this, but at least i use it,lol. Well nothing much late since the last post. Umm my Thanksgiving went good. We were really dissapointed cause we made all this food to see that a lot of people didn't even show up. The solution to that was try to give away as much as possible. I know one thing the holidays has been puttn a a hole in my pocket. OH im sure yall have herd of the major Ice Storm we had over here in the STL. That was HORRIBLE! We (ourselves) were out for a good week. What made it worst that it came to the point that we were the only people in the neighborhood that had our power out (or at least it seemed that way,lol). So we gave in and decided to buy a generator since this is the 3rd time that we have had to deal with this.

So other than that I still work at PBK and im enjoying it more and more because im starting to understand more stuff,lol. That damn storm messed up my hours! UGH! so my pay check was not that big,lol. College stuff is goin okay. I decided that im only applying to only 3 colleges. It went down one because The Art Institute of Chicago is trippin. Other than the fact that it cost about 40,000 a yr, they require you to have a Mac. laptop and they dont offer meal plans; They told me that with their fashion program is only a 3 yr program. When i get there im going to be takein just regular art classes and i can take so courses and fashion design: but in that time i would be working on a portfolio for fashion to see if they will even except me into the program. THATS FUCKED UP! That means i'll be paying for a years worth of tuition there (40,000) and then if i dont make it, it was just totally not worth it. So i just decided it's not even worth the effort to apply. But good news the college i really want to go to (Columbia College Chicago) does not require u to have a portfolio and even if u send one they wont even use it as consideration to getting in. So only thing i have to do now is send in the applications and then finish my essay. Which by the way is done but it just needs to be checked by one of the english teachers.

Okay so something interesting and funni was last Friday. So im x-mas shoppin with my cousin and we go to the ghetto mall and i get my daddy's gift and i see my Crush and what not. It was a joyous time up untill we were on our way to the Galley and i had, just HAD to show my cousin my dream house in this private country club neighborhood. So i show it to her and some other ones and i show her this one that my friend says is her dream home. Well a little ways down the street is this little piece of pavement and then a golf course. Now thats where i normally turn around, well considering this ice storm we just had that was ALL ice and i end up to be STUCK! So she was gonna push but she couldn't because everything is ICE. So we're like lets just pull forward and turn around cause its probably just Snow. WRONG! The whole area is nothing but a thick ass sheet of ICE! I am stuck on a fuckin golf course. Im freakin out...i tell her to get behind the wheel so i can push....not working. She goes to one of those rich houses for help...the lady told her to call AAA. Well THANK GOD! i got those cards from All state for situations like this. I just felt sooo bad beceause everyone i talked to asked, "WHY YOU ON A GOLF COURSE??" So finally the tow truck dude come and he is the dumbes M-Fer ever! He's this ghetto ass, white trash lookin cock-eyed son of a bitch! He gets me out a lil then he gets stuck...then gets un-stuck pulls me out. Then this dumbass didn't pull me out all the way. She he leaves and im honkin at his ass. So im like angela get the wheel. I got to push the car the rest of the way. OOOOOOOOOOO i was SOOOO pissed!! I call that fuckin company that i was upset and mad and told them he did not finish his job and i burned a lot of rubber (lie because i think it's fine) etc...I was sooo scared that night. Usually situations like that i call my dad. But knowin him he woulda blown it totally out of proportion. I kno one thing, my arms was killin me, i need to start workin out again,lol.

So thats pretty much it....I need to go and study for this AP Art History test i got 2morrow! BUH BI!

Friday, November 17, 2006

So in the 3 weeks time...

So basically nothing much going on in my life lately. Mainly school and work and trying to find some time for fun once and a while. College stuff is going okay i guess...i really need to get more on top of it. I know the earliest Application is due by Jan. 2nd and i still need to write my essay and my portofolio. Honostly i pretty much want to go the Columbia College simply because of the classes offered. But i dont want to be closed minded and be dissapointed in the end. School has been going okay i guess. Senior year grades arn't as good as my Junior year grades but what can ya say...I HAVE SENIORITIS! and im ready to go. O i finally decided what i want to study while in college. I'm going to double major in Fashion Design and Merchandising. Because just majoring in the Design aspect is ify and i want to start makein money ASAP!! Then i want to Minor in the Euentrepenuership program they offer. So i KNO im going to have HELLAZ hw. I just hope my 4 yrs of high school go as fast as when i get to College.

Okay so like i said in the last entry i got a job and now i have 2 jobs: Babysitting and Pottery Barn Kids. PBK is a realy cool place. Just last night was my first actually work day and i catched on pretty quick; considering the training went by fast. Last weekend i went to go see Stranger than Fiction. It was the first movie i've seen in theatre's since June. I really want to go see Happy Feet. I swear when i have a husband and he has niece's and nephew's they're going to think im the coolest Aunt,lol. Because im such the big kid. I can play with anything and get amused by it. Oh the week of the 5th of nov. i threw a b-day party for Erica (BFF) which turned out hilarious. It was the first party we had this year that didn't contain alcahol,lol. But it was hilarious, we ate pizza from Imo's (like no other!!) and then we played charades, DISNEY charades. We played girls against guys and it was soo funni to see the guys try and get the characters right.

Well this weekend is Trying to focus on academic stuff. Get some Drawings done to add to the portfolio and then 2morrow my Cousin Bridget is having a Lite Party for just the girls. Which is sad cause she took my babies to some1's house and i wanted them to be there! O well...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I really suck at this....

It seems that i can never get in the hang of this blog thing. Actually i was pretty good troughout the summer, but now that school started its maybe a once a month thing,lol!

So i left you off with talkin to my cousin, goin to homecoming etc...Well things with my cousin is great no regrets there trying to work things out with her. Homecoming was AWSOME!!! I loved it, i didnt get to do all that i wanted to do but i still had a blast. There are some pics so if u wanna see feel free to e-mail me and i'll send you some. So lately its been nothing but school work and babysitting. And speaking of WORK, SAMANTHA GOT A JOB!! Yes i kno, bout damn time! I work at Potter Barn Kids (a baby/kid store for rich kids). I start training tomorrow and im pretty excited. So basically ima have 2 incomes comin in,lol. Babysitting and PBK. Only thing im upset about is that she said it was seasonal when i signed up for part-time...ofcourse i said yes, but i just gotta make them LOVE me so i can keep it permanently. My boss is hilarious, she's like the Ditzy blonde who think EVERYTHING is funny.

Today i took the ACT for the 3rd time! It was a BITCH! OMG it was so much harder than usual. So pissed! Im hopin i get a better score even if its by one point! Well, today there is much to do; Go shopping, i've been craving steak(dont ask) so eating, then going to a Pajama Slumber Party,lol! Yes, sounds too young but lets just say that it's an Adult version. Tomorrow im supposed to be going to this Portfolio Viewing thing at Washu. but i never bought one of those portfolio things and i dont wanna be comin up there with my janky ones,lol. So idk, i'll have a chane for at least 1 or 2 university's to critique my work. I've had A LOT to do and still do. I have a whole LIST of things i need to do as far as college's and it starts with my recomendations....which instead of going to the viewing thing 2morrow im going to get all my recs. done so they can get started writting them. I cant wait till after 2nd semester and i've sent all my college stuff cause then it's just chillin then and im going to need it!

OMG! The holidays have been in my mind for a while! I swear if Uncle floyd and his family do not come for either Thanksgiving or X-Mas...Then i better see them at my graduation!!!! And that's for EVERYONE who has the same blood as me!

Well i suppose that concludes my entry...all i can say im going to try and keep up on my entry's...BYE!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I have not written in this thing in hellaz!! I realized how far behind i am in the blogging. I just realized how much i have to catch up with my Sisters blog! So one day this week i need to catch up with her. So where i left off was school and "jerry springer" drama. But things have gotten a bit lighter off my chest. So once my Jerry Springer drama is out the door nothing to worry bout any more. So ironic that once my Sister comments on my last blog stateing that i should just bite the bullet and call her. Right after i read that my cousin pops up on aim we talk it over and the rest is history! Us being on good terms even some what to what it used to be has helped take some stress off of me. I even went bowling with her last weekend for her birthday. That one weekend when i went to that party was pretty great and WILD! LOL

Although, this past weekend has been good and bad. Friday i didn't do much but go with erica to go get somethin done of hers,lol. Then out to get somethin to eat. I was supposed to go shoppin with my cousin but shit happens. Saturday i had to wake up early and go to this job interview( FINALLY!). I leave like 5 min. early...and i get in my car and the freakin battery died. So we have to move it mannually cause i was blockin the truck and then hurry up and drive my ass to the mall. When i get there she's late by like half hour. But we go threw the interview and then she said she's going to call us either monday or tuesday. So im really really hoping i get this job! So then afterwards i go to that stupid rivalry game against clayton that we lost badly 2! I was SOO PISSED! Then we went out to eat and then bowling and then to the loop. So when i get home my parents arnt there and ya. So thats pretty much it....This weekend is HOMECOMING!! Yes ofcourse im takein pictures! No need to worry. Friday i might go see the grudge 2. Who knows. So thats it....